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All of our evergreen users have access to our VAST network of Growth Consultants, Tactical Experts, and NAVCA Certified Valuators. These individuals have been vetted and have deep industry knowledge specific to the operational gap needs.  From Marketing & Sales experts to M&A firms to high level business consultants.

Our Certified Valuators are endorsed by NAVCA

Len Miller
President & Founder

Leonard J. Miller & Associates

Lori Wasserman
Managing Director

Tellson Securities, Inc

Linda Boyd-Jones
Executive Vice President

Tellson Securities, Inc

Ron E. Ainsworth
Chairman of the Board

Tellson Securities, Inc

Andrew Boyd-Jones
President & CEO

Tellson Securities, Inc

Cliff Webster
Managing Director, Latin America

Business Valuation Center

John Starling
CSO, Managing Partner, Asia

Business Valuation Center

Ronald Everett
CEO, Managing Partner, Europe

Business Valuation Center

Raymond Ghelardi
Chairman, Managing Partner, U.S.

Business Valuation Center

Stephen White

Onyx Partners Group

Melissa Gragg

Bridge Valuation Partners, LLC

Michael Bankus
Principal & Managing Member

Goriano Experts & Advisors