The First Fully Automated Business Planning System for Financial Advisors

Efficient. Enlightening. Empowering.

“CoreValue has completely changed the way I work with my business clients.”

 T Ray Phillips – Family Business Legacies, MassMutual Career Agent

CoreValue Business Planning System

Discover, Protect, Align and Unlock.

30-Day FREE Trial and 50% off Regular Retail Pricing

for MassMutual Agents*

Easy Reporting and Eye Opening Data


Build Trust

CoreValue Discover Report instantly delivers to your client the operational strengths and value of their business, benchmarked against their industry.  

What could their company be worth if it performed like its strongest peers?


Uncover Risk

CoreValue Protect allows Financial Advisors to build trust and confidence with their clients by quantifying the risks to their family, business, vision and future.

Protect is a proprietary product only available to MassMutual FAs.


Relieve Bottlenecks

CoreValue Align gets all the major stakeholders in a company on the same page by combining,  comparing and contrasting the results from individual Discover Reports. 

Ideal for larger companies and especially for family owned businesses. 


Deep Insights

Dig deeper into the 18 Operational Drivers with CoreValue Unlock, giving Financial Advisors a targeted driven analysis in minutes not months.   

Complete Value and Value Driver  “Actionable Reports” in 90 minutes.

How CoreValue is Changing the Financial Advisor Landscape:

The CoreValue Business Planning System allows me to get to the heart of what matters to my clients most 90% quicker.  We can discover what their business is actually worth, what their unfound potential is and most importantly WHY they are missing the mark.

The CoreValue Assessments get them motivated to WANT to take action closing the gaps to increase their business value and options for future transitions.

I’ve gained new business clients by using the exclusive MassMutual CoreValue tool Protect – because I know they can’t access it anywhere else.  Business Advisor colleagues are astounded by the power of the tool and in turn have introduced me to their clients because of Protect.  It’s a win/win for everyone. T Ray Phillips – Family Business Legacies and MassMutual Career Agent

MassMutual Agents ONLY*

$150 per month

For the month of March, receive a FREE 30-Day Trial with an annual CoreValue subscription 

Cancel with no obligation in the first 30 days.  Monthly charges will begin after 30-day trial period has ended.

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